Mr & Mrs Cerff – Pennylands

August 26th, 2022

We had received some communication through the door from Chris with regards to selling our property. We were sceptical at first but we decided to give him a try as viewings were dwindling due to Covid / Lockdown. We were surprised and amazed by the extremely high level of service Chris had to offer, we had plenty of viewings and Chris always rang us afterwards to give us brief feedback on how things went and then also followed up the next day or so with more insight as to how the viewing went. He sold our house very quickly, but it did not stop there, Chris was in contact with us with regards to our buyers and even others in our chain and helped us out immensely from start to finish, we cannot thank him enough for all his efforts and it was actually sad to say goodbye. He did an amazing job and we would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of moving and who wants a more personal approach to selling your home rather than a corporate one.