Ms W – sold in Oxley Park – You cannot go wrong having Chris on your side!

August 26th, 2022

From the moment Chris introduced himself to me, I knew I had met the right person to support me with the sale of my property. He was calm, interested in my story and did not overwhelm me with a sales pitch. Most importantly for me, I instinctively knew I could trust him to do his best with my sale and that he would work hard for his fee. And he did all that – and then some. Throughout the sales process, which was unnecessarily protracted as a result of some very questionable legal support, Chris continually kept all parties informed and, where help was needed to prod and cajole the various people involved to keep things moving, he asked. It was vital that he kept the pressure on at all times to get the whole chain over the line and he left no opportunity slip by in order to avoid something being done. Chris was patient, understanding and supportive throughout and my purchaser and I are both eternally grateful for all his efforts. You cannot go wrong having Chris on your side!