Peeling back the layers….

February 18th, 2021

When registering buyers; you need to peel back the layers and get to know what they are REALLY looking for.

I always want to get to know them and their situation to understand what they really want, and why. This will allow me to offer alternatives or suggestions that they may never think of. Some buyers may have a very narrow view of what they are looking for and need a bit of extra help in finding their dream home, which may be right in front of them, they just don’t know because it may have a feature they don’t know about.

The amount of times I have spoken to buyers and they have given me a long list of requirements. I then spent time working with them, showing them property only to speak with them 4 months later and find that they have bought a completely different property in a completely different location or for completely different reasons.

Some of the common requests are for good schools, and for a particular school, but if they are new to the area they may not know of the alternatives in the area. Milton Keynes has an excellent range of good and outstanding schools across the area to choose from. Train Stations and commuting are other common requests, as are Green Spaces and Shopping Centres… in Milton Keynes for 37 years now, I have a good idea of the areas and locations to offer, and we are spoilt for choice in many respects. This helps me when selling homes as I can find those buyers that are not obvious.

Then looking at the type of house; understanding what they need and why. Specifically, asking why they need a particular feature allows me to think of those wild card properties that they may never have thought about.

Having and in depth understanding of what people are looking for, and their reasons why, helps me find dream homes for buyers and sell houses for my vendors.

It always makes me smile when I meet sellers who say ‘we never would have thought about this house unless the Estate Agents said we MUST view this house,’ Ten or Fifteen years later they are still there and it is has been a fantastic family home. All credit to that Estate Agent for doing a fantastic job!!

If you are looking for your next home and need some extra help, or, are looking to sell please get in touch on 07595 473891 to see how I can help.